Steve’s new role as Managing Director

SteveThere have been a few changes at Murray Taylor this year , significantly Tom Murray has retired , although Tom is undertaking some client consultancy work and business development ( playing golf) .

I have been appointed as Managing Director , a new concept for Murray Taylor and me.

It certainly is weird , Tom not being here everyday. It takes a bit of getting used to when the person who co founded Murray Taylor with me some 27 years ago is not sitting next door to me.

I was quite honoured that my fellow Directors and Managers thought that my knowledge and experience would  help us take Murray Taylor forward and further enhance  the services we offer to clients in this digital age. Then I thought about it, was this the first stage in MY retirement process and did these “ youngsters” see this as the first step to me moving closer to the door !!. They will have to put up with me for a number of years yet.

Seriously however , it is great for me ( and Tom ) to see how our team has developed over the years and how the raw teenagers who came to work for us all those years ago have developed into talented professionals offering first class advice to clients.

My new role has filled me with excitement , I still get to work with our clients and at the same time develop our practice and our team.


Steve F Taylor F.C.C.A
Managing Director



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