Murray Taylor tackles a Munro ..

Last Friday at 10.30am the Murray Taylor team set off on our climb of the 1,083m/3,553ft Munro Schiehallion  in aid of Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, in particular the Schiehallion Ward.


Thankfully we were blessed with clear blue skies instead of the rainy day that had been predicted and the relief was clear to see with everyone being in good spirits and eager to get going.

The team started off together walking along the 2 mile path and as it began to become steeper and steeper people started to go at their own pace in smaller groups, still working together motivating each other in their climb.

The middle area of the Schiehallion can be described as steep and unsheltered, with vigorous winds…  this is when I started to appreciate the fact I had made the effort of getting proper hillwalking gear. The grip of the proper boots aided in the muddy incline and the layers under my windproof jacket along with my cosy hat to top it off was definitely needed for keeping warm!

Climbing steeper I began to realise the deception of Schiehallion as each time I thought I was reaching the summit a higher point would appear in the distance. This happened several times!

The terrain changes drastically as you reach the final stretch , with the  path completely disappearing we found ourselves literally scaling boulders of all shapes and sizes to reach the top.
Although the climb was tough the view at the top and the feeling of achievement was definitely worth it.



At the beginning of our fundraising I read Professor Brenda Gibson, Professor of Paediatric Haematology at the Royal Hospital for Children explaining;

We named the ward after the mountain – Schiehallion – to mirror the journey for children with cancer. We recognise that it’s an uphill struggle, but we also recognise that you can walk up a path with lots of people who will get you to the top.”

Although I can’t begin to imagine what the children or their families go through, I can however now fully appreciate and understand the meaning behind this name.

I think I speak for all the MT climbing crew when I say it has been a pleasure getting involved and helping to raise money for such a great cause.

We would also like to say a huge THANK YOU!! to everyone who donated and helped us reach the amazing total of £3,602.50 (plus £454.38 gift aid) with more still to be counted.





Emily White 

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