New Beginnings

I recently joined Murray Taylor in a bid to push myself out of my comfort zone and further my career.  For me, after qualifying I craved a new challenge to get my teeth into and push me further.

Leaving behind the good friends I had made and entering the unknown.

holly russell

New systems, new ways of doing things, new people!

I settled into the four day working week quite quickly.  The work life balance becoming much easier to manage.  Suddenly finding time to do all the things I had been meaning to do! Weeks started to fly by!

I began learning the new systems and processes and getting to know everybody.  It has been interesting seeing different ways of doing things and the different ways in which organisations operate.

Now, four months after making the move, I am beginning to settle into my new role.  Learning new things and building relationships with clients and colleagues.  This all takes time to develop and I hope this continues to evolve.

Stepping outside of my comfort zone and taking the risk of the unknown was the biggest hurdle for me in making the move to change jobs.  However in doing so I have realised that it is when you step out of this zone and into the unknown that you really begin to experience and enjoy new things.

In short, you are only confined by the walls you build yourself.  My dad once told me ‘if it was easy it wouldn’t be worth doing’ and I live by this motto.  Embarking on a new challenge can be daunting but sometimes it pays to embrace it and push yourself!


Holly Russell A.C.C.A


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