A day in the life of a Tax Assistant

From tax returns, computations, calculating and phone calls to compliance, client meetings, tax strategies and management buy outs.  Before joining the Murray Taylor team, I would probably have said that tax was nothing but boring, however, after a year and a half of working in the tax department I have learned that it is somewhat the contrary.

There are numerous types of tax and many different ways that tax affects us.  When I first joined Murray Taylor, I was bombarded with tax returns to complete which I quickly got the hang of and actually started to really enjoy.  However,  having a year and a bit under my belt, I have realised that tax definitely doesn’t stand still; I now find myself working on bigger and more stimulating projects including  management buy outs and tax strategies which previously, I didn’t even know existed.

The more I do in my job, the more I understand that “boring tax” is something of an incorrect assertion.  In truth, tax can be animated and fast moving, requiring good problem solving skills, attention to detail and the ability to listen.  I find my job as a tax assistant not only challenging and thought provoking but exciting and certainly not boring!

By, Meghan Wood, Tax Assistant.

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