Ever been invited to a BNI meeting?

BNI stands for Business Network International and is a referral organisation to help people grow their business, make new contacts and become better at what they do.

Murray Taylor Director, Tom Murray, is a founding member of BNI Nexus in Montrose and I am a member of a new group looking to launch in Dundee, BNI Discovery.

BNI operates through a referral system which is not a guarantee of chargeable work but a chance to do business.

You join a group, attend the regular meetings, and over the course of the weeks and months you find referrals for other people while they keep an eye out for referrals for you.

Our BNI group meet at 7am on Wednesday mornings and normally finish at 8.30am. Starting early has been proven by BNI over the years, to be the most effective way of networking.  As Tom says, “We just start work earlier that day”. However, attending a little earlier or staying behind at the end allows the ideal opportunity for some more open networking and a chance to chat to the visitors.

The normal structure does include breakfast and during this time you can undertake more open networking before the formal meetings takes place where referrals are passed and other BNI business is undertaken

If you would like to attend one of our meetings, please let me know and I can ensure we have plenty coffee.

I look forward to meeting you and don’t forget your business cards.


By, Graham Parker, Manager

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