“Fun and Rewarding”

The mission statement on our website is “Fun and Rewarding” and this relates to our staff, but more importantly to our clients. You will have seen our “500 Files” film (if not, why not? – look under videos on our website) which we had great fun making and which many of our clients have really enjoyed, but I would like to concentrate on the rewarding part of our business.

We feel rewarded when clients tell us how good a job we have done for them whether it is merely compliance work which keeps them up to date with HMRC or when we manage to promote some tax planning work which saves our clients a lot of money – that is when our clients feel rewarded.

We do more than that though. We are members of a worldwide networking organisation called Business Network International (BNI) and our local group has 28 members (each business category can only have one member in any BNI group) therefore, we have the ability to advise our clients who to use and trust to help  grow their  business as we have used all of these colleagues in the past.

One member that we would like to bring to your attention is a first aid training company using the following link. www.CPDtrainingsolutions.com  Many business do not realise that they may have an obligation to have some of their staff trained in First Aid. To find out if that applies to you, click on the link and you will find information relating to First Aid Needs and Requirements along with a hyperlink to their online resource that you can complete. Thereafter, you will receive a report detailing the First Aid requirements for your business. Please let us know if you find this useful.

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