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I was thinking about what I was going to write about in this week’s tax blog. So much is happening. Then I received an e mail from my colleague David Gill of Peak Performance. I just had to share this extract below with our clients.

I will let you read this for yourselves and draw your own conclusions. Happy to receive e mails on the subject.

Steve Taylor, Director


Good afternoon Steve




I would like to draw your attention to some recent publicity which has appeared both in the mainstream and professional press in relation to HMRC tactics regarding so-called “nudge” letters. I know for a fact that every contractor has received such nudge letters.


For a properly represented taxpayer, it is simply a case of putting these in the bucket as they are full of the usual spin and nonsense from HMRC. However, these letters are designed to have an impact and we’ve seen all too many examples of taxpayers who have been affected by the content of such letters. Even my own wife says to me that “surely they would put this in writing if were not true…”. Well, I think we all know the real answer!


I am delighted to say that our very own Adam Craggs has brought this issue into the public domain. Thanks Adam.


I thought you might be interested in just one article and comments by various accountants, including, yours truly.


I think there is value in reading this because there are much wider issues to consider. Even so, I would draw your attention to just one part of the conversation in relation to the use of the company, Behaviourial Insights Ltd.


This is the company which designs the nudge letters on behalf of HMRC and I would draw your attention to the first set of accounts for that company. I enclose a copy of these which show a profit of just under £1.8 million for the first year and the names of the shareholders (which just happen to include the Cabinet Office and company’s own employee benefit trust). Now just why would they have different classes of shares? As for the use of an EBT to motivate and incentivise the company’s employees…


If this does not make you mad, I don’t know what will!


Thank you all for the support that you’ve given so far and in anticipation of your support in the future. It is genuinely appreciated.


All the best


Attachment – Nudge:


Attachment – Behavioural Insights Ltd full accounts:


Best wishes

David Gill

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