How to Charge Prices Higher Than Your Competitors… And Still Get The Business!

Work it out and depending on your business even a simple 1% price increase can send 5% or 10% extra profit straight to your bottom line.

So, a 5%, 10% or 20% increase in prices could transform your ability to:

  • • Aggressively reinvest in the growth and expansion of your business.
    • Attract and motivate the best employees, by paying whatever it takes.
    • Fund the bigger, better marketing campaigns that will bring in more sales leads … that are willing and able to pay your higher prices!

Of course, without knowing exactly how to do it, just putting up prices in today’s ultra competitive market place could just as easily end up being commercial suicide.

This seminar will show you how to safely increase your prices – even in a competitive environment – without reducing sales volume.

Attend and you’ll discover:

  • • A methodology for increasing prices that will enable you to safely and accurately determine your optimum price.
    • How and why your higher pricing (but NOT the price itself) should be right up front in your marketing communication.
    • How to eliminate discount requests with a 13 word sentence that you deliver the split second after you have revealed your price.
    • Specific strategies for dealing with both amateur hagglers and professional negotiators.
    • The one marketing strategy that doesn’t bring in price sensitive clients.

And through 2 fascinating case studies, you’ll discover:

  • • How to use ‘marketing in a vacuum’ to find the most profitable potential clients in your market place before your competitors even know they exist.
    • How to use ‘white knight positioning’ to get potential clients to discover you before your competitors and stop price shopping the moment they do.

With the right strategies and techniques charging higher prices actually makes it easier to attract and win new and better clients – this fast paced, information packed presentation gives you those strategies and techniques.

Murray Taylor are delighted to work with John Williamson to provide this fantastic opportunity for you and your business.

John has owned and operated several small businesses and in each one has charged between 20% and 200% more than the competitors WHILST completely dominating the market. He has also consulted on ‘higher price marketing techniques’ with hundreds of small businesses in dozens of industries over the last 27 years, including one just like yours! His energetic presentation will give you simple tools you can use to start winning new customers at higher prices straight away … and the motivation so that you can’t wait to give it a go.

So don’t miss out. Reserve your place today for our next event on Friday 20th January at Park Hotel, Montrose at 9am by e-mailing or


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