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William McGowan
Partnership Development Manager
Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity


Hello Everyone,

Very recently, Murray Taylor chose Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity as their chosen charity partner and everyone at Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity is so grateful for their support.

As part of this partnership, I am delighted to be contributing to the Murray Taylor newsletter. My contribution to the newsletter will focus on stories from the hospital and the wonderful difference Murray Taylor are making to Scotland’s largest children’s hospital, The Royal Hospital for Children.

Every year 168,000 children from all over Scotland are treated at The Royal Hospital for Children. The hospital is Scotland’s national centre for bone marrow and kidney transplants and the national centre for paediatric cardiac surgery. It really is Scotland’s children’s hospital.

Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity exists to ensure that every child treated at the hospital and their families receive the best care and experience possible. But this would not be possible without supporters like Murray Taylor.

I am very much looking forward to building a meaningful and worthwhile partnership with the Murray Taylor family in the months ahead.

Our Schiehallion Appeal

Murray Taylor are committed to supporting our Schiehallion Appeal.

Every week 2 more children in Scotland are diagnosed with cancer and more than two thirds of these children are treated at The Royal Hospital for Children in wards 2A and 2B, or more commonly known as Schiehallion.

Our Schiehallion Appeal hopes to raise £500,000 to enhance the clinical trials centre in the Schiehallion Ward and to bring more of the latest cancer treatments to Scotland.

Clinical trials give children access to a new type of treatment when conventional treatments have failed. Thanks to supporters like Murray Taylor, we hope to bring more early phase trials to our children’s hospital, giving young patients from across Scotland the best possible chance in their fight against cancer.

Meet the Patients Murray Taylor are Supporting


Amelie is 5 years old and was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3.

Amelie received a 6 month chemotherapy treatment plan and the tumour went away.

Unfortunately the tumour returned 6 months later and she is currently in hospital receiving treatment.


Abigail is 12 years old and is from Lenzie.

Abigail was born with a heart condition and received a heart transplant when she was a baby.

Due to her heart condition Abigail also developed a renal condition and received treatment for many years at Yorkhill Hospital.

Abigail is now fighting cancer in the Schiehallion Ward.



Marios is 8 years old and was diagnosed with Leukemia in January 2017.

Marios had a temperature and was rushed to hospital where his diagnoses was told to his parents.

Marios is currently receiving chemotherapy and will require a stem cell transplant in the months ahead.


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