Are you driving your business wearing a blindfold?

It may surprise you to discover that many business owners don’t know whether they are profitable until long after the end of the year when their annual accounts are produced. That really is like driving your business wearing a blindfold!

That’s why East of Scotland accountants Murray Taylor offer a comprehensive accounts package that gives you regular Management Accounts and Budgets to keep you informed on essential areas such as:

  • Cashflow
  • Profitability
  • Performance ratios
  • Credit control
  • Budget comparisons

It makes life so much easier when you know, month by month, what your profitability is and how you can make instant decisions based on the figures. We’ll even provide you with forecasts, budgets and cashflows so you can keep tabs on any changes.

If these are the sort of services that you would benefit from, why not give us a call and arrange a meeting for an informal, no-obligation chat. Contact us or call now on 01674 672555