Murray Taylor and St Margaret’s Primary School.

Murray Taylor have been involved with Number Partners for a number of years now.

numbers partners


Members of staff from Murray Taylor attend St Margaret’s Primary School, in Montrose on a fortnightly basis.  The main focus is on making maths, and numbers in general, fun and exciting for the kids.  We play educational maths games, which at times can create a great raucous and become rather loud, although ultimately fun!  The theme of the games vary but they all support a different key learning objective.

The kids enjoy us visiting them and have commented that it helps them with adding, subtraction, multiplication and division, which is great.

The challenging part is working through how the child sets about doing a mental maths sum.  I am sure you will agree that we all have a slightly varying method of doing this ourselves.  Therefore, in order to assist them we talk through their process and either carry that on to help them get the answer or provide an alternative method.  Although, to be honest, they are all very good with maths in general.

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Susan Burnett C.A.T



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