School Student to Trainee Accounts Assistant

Keir2The transition from school into the big world is never easy. I was working towards University and all set for 4 years of hard work… middle of the week party nights, student debt, pot noodles on repeat for dinner etc., but instead, Murray Taylor has given me an opportunity to grow into the accounting world as a trainee accountant. Although, I will need to adjust my taste buds to drink tea if I want to become a real accountant!

I am, however, not a new face to Murray Taylor. I have worked part time after school and during holidays since November 2015 which has helped me get to know everyone on the team and has reinforced my desire to follow this career path. During this time I was the successful winner of the Murray Taylor prize for National 5 and Higher Business Management as well as Higher Accounting (It was not a fix, honestly).

The balance of working while studying and completing exams may seem quite ‘taxing’, I am however relishing the challenge and am extremely excited to have the opportunity to work my way up the accounting ladder with a successful and respected company.

Joining the friendliest and brainiest workforce is a huge bonus as they are always there to lend a helping hand. My excitement to represent Murray Taylor cannot be put into words (or numbers).


Keir McCombie
Trainee Accounts Assistant


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