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I joined Montrose Triathlon Club a year ago, and I am currently fundraising for Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital.  Just last week I realised that this was important for my clients to see this side of me.

One of my client’s, as well as wishing me luck with my fundraising, has advised it is ‘much better than having a boring accountant!’.

For some reason, accountants are always deemed as being boring.  If you have seen our video you will realise very quickly that that is not us.

So who is Louise Sim, other than being a Chartered Certified Accountant and director at Murray Taylor.  Well I am a wife and a mum, and currently trying to raise £1,000 for Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital as a way of thanking them for the care they gave my son after he was born.  I joined Montrose Triathlon Club in order to achieve my goal of completing a triathlon and I am doing this as a sponsored event.  At  some point during the last year, I decided that as well as completing a triathlon, I could also complete an open water swim and a 10K run.  I have the coaches at the club to thank for this, as they are all very encouraging and have given me the belief I can complete these challenges, despite never running before and could count the number of times I have been on my bike in the last 5 years on one hand !

My work in the office gets 100% of my time and attention whilst I am there.  I am professional and do my best for my clients, and have the skills you would expect from an accountant.  When I am at home, my family gets 100% of my time and attention.  I love my job and my family and am very lucky to be able to do both.

It’s not always easy to split my time between the two, with deadlines looming or if my son is off sick, but somehow I manage to get everything done.  And in between it all I have managed to train for a triathlon !

A lot of my client’s will only see the accountant side of me, so hopefully this will let them see my other side too.

For anyone wanting to help me with my fundraising, here is the link to my just giving page –

By Louise Sim


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