Preparing to climb up Schiehallion

As part of Murray Taylor’s partnership with Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity (GCHC), some of the team at Murray Taylor are preparing to climb up the Munro, Schiehallion.  For more than 100 years, the children’s hospital in Glasgow has been caring for babies, children and young people from across Scotland and beyond.

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We have decided to climb Schiehallion, as GCHC is fundraising for the Schiehallion ward at the Hospital which has been named after the Munro.

A Munro is a mountain in Scotland, which is more than 3,000 feet in height.  There are currently 282 Munros in Scotland.

Apparently Schiehallion is one of the easiest Munros to climb, however, this popularity has come at a price… the path becoming a muddy mess!

Coming from Fort William, I am used to hill walking as a trip to the shop was like a climbing expedition.  Due to the level of times I watched the Mountain Rescue Team swoop into action to help stranded climbers who got into trouble on Ben Nevis, I am very aware of how a nice walk in the hills can quickly change.  I therefore, have lots of climbing essentials.

We are all used to the weather in Scotland, we can have four seasons in one day! Therefore, the biggest challenge for the climb will be what to pack!  I climbed Ben Nevis in May 2010 and it was blazing sunshine, a rare phenomenon in Scotland, however, at the top there was still snow.

The Scottish weather can change very quickly, so we need to be prepared for every eventuality.  I always end up packing too much and having a heavy rucksack to carry up a mountain, but I would rather have too much then find myself stranded with nothing.

Looking at the weather forecast for the day of our walk, I think I can lighten my rucksack a wee bit and not take anything for protection from the sun.  I will be sure to have a torch, first aid kit, extra clothes, matches, and extra food packed.  The mist can come in very quick in the Scottish hills and it’s easy to find yourself lost.  There are 20 of us climbing up Schiehallion; hopefully none of us will end up lost!

The team at Murray Taylor are doing one climb which will be over in a day, or for the unfit amongst us we may feel it for a couple of days, but some of the kids in Glasgow Sick Children’s Hospital face an uphill struggle every day.  We can prepare and have the essentials to get us through our climb, many of these kids can’t prepare for their battle!

By teaming up with GCHC, it’s our aim to not only raise funds for the hospital but to also raise awareness of the type of work GCHC do, and why they are a crucial part of any child’s journey with Glasgow Sick Children’s Hospital.

You can read the story of our partnership and see details of how to donate at


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